How is money earned? Earning money is easy with Trek. The more active you are, the faster you get to our maximum payout. A member is awarded credits each time they do one of the following. 1. When a
member does a search and visits one of our Clients websites, credits are given. 2. If a member refers another person to TrekPay or Trek Advertising they are awarded credits. Each Week Trek will share in its profit by placing a dollar amount on each credit. The more credits you have earned the higher the payout. Another way to earn is "sales Commissions" When a member is credited with a sale from Trek Advertising they will receive an immediate deposit into their back office account. It pays to advertise your referral page! How much can I earn? A member may earn $50 dollars per week with our credit system. However, earnings for commissions are unlimited. We are currently paying 12.5% of each sale directly to the original referrer. It pays to advertise your referral page!

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