Are you a student? Do you spend a lot of time on the internet, playing games, social network such as Facebook, Friendster, and others? I'm sure you are losing lots of money doing those things! Do you want to lessen your expenses? If you do then let me teach you how.

You can still do the things you like doing, because this type of job will only need your 10 minutes. This 10 minutes will already save you the cost of 1 hour on the internet!

Being a student, time is tight, you can't have too much time spent on some other things besides studying and some other things young people like. That is why there is only one online job a student can do easily wihtout spending his/her valuable time. That is PTC (paid-to-click) sites, the simplest of them all.

What is paid-to-click website? PTC websites advertise other websites.
They will let people join, and pay them to click those websites that they advertise. Yes, they will pay people just to view other websites.

The usual payment for a click is US$0.01, but it depends on every PTC site. Some pay higher and some are lower.

The usual maximum websites that you can view in one day is 4. Other PTC sites have more but lower on payment per click. Anyways it is again dependent on the website.

The US$0.01 per click and and 4 websites to view per day is for free members. You can view more, be paid more if you will upgrade to higher type of memberships. Of course you have to pay to get higher.

Since you are a student and probably skeptical on paying online, forget upgrading, yet.

With 4 websites a day and US$o.o1 per click, you can earn a total of US$0.04 per day. It is pretty small, right? Yes, it is! What if you have 10 PTC sites, then your earnings will be US$o.4 per day. Multiply it with let's say P45.0 ($-P exchange), then your total will be P18.0 per day. That is more than 1 hour of internet service that you just saved.

If you want to earn more, go to the TIPS page and learn more. It will require you to spend more time doing this though. If you don't want to spend more time other than 10 minutes then let's start and take you to begin earning your money.

First, you have to sign-up on PayPal and AlertPay. These will be needed if you will sign-up on PTC sites. They will be used to transfer your earnings.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Second, sign-up on the following PTC sites. I have only 3, find more later to add more earnings. Or maybe comeback later and I'll add more.

Note: Use a single email, username, and password so you wil not be confused later, and you can remember them easily.

Now that you're done signing up, let's start making you money!
Follow this procedure:

1. Open a new window, preferrably Mozilla Firefox.
2. Open  new tabs with same count as your PTC sites.
3. Open each PTC site on each tab and login.
4. Click advertisement simultaneously and wait for the timers.

That's it. In no more than 10 minutes you are done.
And you have earned your money in no time.
You can now go to Facebook or whatever is that you do!



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